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New Writers to Join Costa Rica Blog

January 6th, 2006

This blog is about to get some new talent.

After posting my Help Wanted Ad, I received eleven emails from people expressing an interest in writing for this blog.

So far I have accepted two of the applications, and I’ll prbably add a third as soon as we can chat a bit. All are from people who I believe will add perspective and opinions about their Costa Rica experiences. I am still accepting applications!

First is Christin Chitty, Christin is a senior at a large midwestern university and will be making her way to San Jose mid-month. An English major and Spanish minor, she will be visiting Costa Rica for several months boning up on her Spanish. I sure hope she can deal with the diminutives! She will be traveling around Costa Rica and posting about her experiences and travels. I expect she will provide readers with some interesting Posts!

Second is Jason Craig. An east coast 20 something young man, he arrived in Costa Rica two days ago claiming to be a professional surfer. At first, I was skeptical as I do not believe they even HAVE have waves on the east coast of the US (in NEW JERSEY??), but he assures me they do.

He is also the first person I have met who came to Costa Rica to surf for six months AND arrived in-country with SIX (6) surf boards that he assures me are required to surf all the conditions available. I once tried to master one board, and after falling off 328 times (while still on the beach!), the thought of six strikes me as really silly. However, six surf boards impressed me… so surfer persons, read on as Jason is back!

I DO know that Costa Rica has become a world renowned surfing mecca, so I have no doubt Jason’s posts will be of interest to surfers at any level who are coming to Costa Rica to enjoy that sport.

Jason is currently on the Carribean Coast in Puerto Viejo. As you might know if you read about surfing in the REAL CR, Costa Rica’s east coast is well known for spectacular and dangerous surf conditions. I look forward to hearing from Jason regularly!

So now we have two 20-somethings who should give readers a different (read that as younger) perspective on living and traveling in Costa Rica! Also, their parents can now keep track of them!

My tentative third author and his wifey are currently building a B&B here in Costa Rica, and they will be able to provide readers with their take on the design and construction of buildings in Costa Rica as well as the start-up of a their new business. They will be dealing with the innumerable bureaucracies here as well as with suppliers, builders, lawyers, etc., and as Gringo’s, they will face a LOT of challenges! Their input may well save others time, money, and frustration.

Welcome to The REAL Costa Rica blogs new authors… Let the writing begin!