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Costa Rica Restaurant Review

January 26th, 2006

As anyone who knows me is likely to verify… I like to eat! Occasionally, you can find a comment someone has made about a restaurant they liked (or hated) in Costa Rica, but until now, there has been no central repository of information, recommendations or general commentary on where to get a good meal in Costa Rica. I am going to TRY to change that!

About a week ago, I launched a new web site, Costa Rica Eateries I am happy to state that we have FOURTEEN amateur.. or maybe professional, food critics on board and I hope we can add a ton more. So far, Hooters has been a popular topic, but I am sure that will change a bit in time as the novelty wears off. We also need to see more reviews from the coasts!

As Costa Rica has become a hot spot for tourism over the past few years, not unexpectedly, there have been a slew of new eateries popping up all over the country. My wife and I like to dine out, and we generally do so about once per week, so as we do, I plan to add my thoughts on these places.

I don’t know about you, but I am not always happy with the “professional” reviews you see here and there. I enjoy good food, but I am not a gourmet and would often rather hear from a friend or acquaintance of a new place to eat. For instance I enjoy a good wine… but I cannot identify a Effete LePew 1963 from Ripple. The gourmets kinda go over-the-top on stuff when all I really wanna know is: 1. Is the food good? and 2. What does it cost?

But with everyone who discusses restaurants, I eventually know exactly whose opinion is worth listening to and whose opinion is maybe less fitting my tastes. i.e I know who to believe!

So all you locals and visitors to Costa Rica, take five minutes and share what you know about your favorite Costa Rica restaurant… good or bad! Costa Rica Eateries!

3 Responses to “Costa Rica Restaurant Review”

  1. Paul Mitchell on November 13, 2006 1:53 am

    Hi Tim,

    By now some of the readers of Tim’s blog may know that I volunteered a few months back to moderate his new site Costa Rica Eateries (CRE).

    Since that time we have grown in registered members to approaching 50. We have now got two pages of reviews for the San Jose and the greater metro area. From the Atlantic side there are several interesting reviews. But for the remaining areas we have a few scant reviews or even none, though we hope that will change before long.

    Come by to see what new reviews have shown up. It pays to visit every so often as we never know just when someone is going to post another interesting review.

    And if you have a favorite place you would like to share with the rest of us, please post a review of it. It’s simple. It’s easy. And there are suggestions right on the site for what information is best to include in your review.

    See you there!

    Paul Mitchell
    Moderator CRE

  2. Greg & Wanda on December 4, 2006 10:39 am

    If anyone is looking for a GREAT palce to eat, try El Jardin Tortuga…The Turtle’s Garden…in Ojochal. The host, Stefan, is a great guy, and he speaks English, German, and Spanish fluently. Hi pizza is excellent, as is his pork tenderloin and Spaghetti. Great food and a real helpful host.

  3. Michael on December 31, 2006 3:58 pm

    El Jardin Tortuga might be a good place to eat, but I strongly do not recommend staying in there…

    Their premises are in a bad condition, when we got there we figured out that toilet doesn’t work, no light, no gas in the kitchen, etc.

    We where forced to look for another place to stay and found it.
    When we paid for the el jardin tortuga we were asked to pre-pay before arrival full in cash. After we left, Stefan – the owner of the place, did not want to refund even a portion of money.

    If you are looking for really cheap place to stay this might be an option, howeveer see yourself warned.