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Under 40? Coming to Costa Rica?

January 30th, 2006

If so, fellow blogger and US transplant to Costa Rica and all around nice person, Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey Chan Jones Smith Whatever, has decided it is time for the Costa Rica under 40 crowd to have their own meeting spot on the Internet.

Therefore, she has set up a new Yahoo Group as a meeting place for the younger (I bet you 40 year olds are happy to be included!) expatriates living in or moving to CR. It is probably a good place also for the under 40 traveler who may want to hook up while visiting.

The description of the Group is:

“This is a social club for expatriates under the age of 40 who are living in or moving to Costa Rica. Here you can meet other young expats for friendship, romance, travel and activity partners, and professional networking.

This e-mail list/forum is for coordinating social activities such as parties, movies, clubbing, trips, and other outings, as well as discussing issues of particular interest to younger singles, couples, and families including Costa Rican colleges, ways to make a living here, dating and starting families in Costa Rica, etc. Please keep your posts on topics that are relevant to younger expatriates in Costa Rica.”

As of today, she has a membership of 76… pretty good for new group only only a couple of weeks, so clearly she is filling a need! I expect this will become a great meeting place for the under 40’s… give it a try!

4 Responses to “Under 40? Coming to Costa Rica?”

  1. Jacqueline on January 30, 2006 11:07 pm


  2. Amy on March 27, 2006 9:17 am

    Great! It’s going to be nice sharing ideas with people potentially in the same boat!! Moving down in 16 months with 2 kids to San Luis area.

  3. Erin on April 4, 2006 5:12 am

    I love CR Young Expats! They’re full of info & really sweet people. This was a great idea, Jacqueline.

  4. Glenn on July 19, 2008 1:43 pm

    Is this group still active? If so, how do I join