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Fresh Blood!

August 24th, 2006

As you can probably imagine, I get a ton of email from people who are thinking about making the BIG MOVE. Some are just sticking a toe in the international waters while others are in various stages of living the rest of their lives as expatriates.

Of course I made the move here some years ago and I remember I experienced the excitement, fear, doubts and panic that attend such a decision. I said my goodbyes to friends and family (my daughter did not believe I was really leaving until about ten days before I actually left). It was/is a scary thing experience for just about everyone I know who has done this.

So when I received an email from someone who was in the process of packing HER family and actually experiencing the emotions above… and when she further told me she wanted to BLOG her experiences, I jumped on it immediately! Welcome to Nora Schild who will be chronicling her family’s move to Costa Rica.

What is that white stuff???I am sure Nora is planning an introduction to herself and her family, but basically she and her husband are 40 somethings from Missouri (that alone ought to make for some interesting adjustment!). She is packing him and the two Basset hounds for a new life in Costa Rica. I am attaching a picture of one of them (the dogs I think). Not sure if this is the satanic one or the three legged one.

They are leaving behind… at least for now, their college aged son who has not entirely bought in to this “move to Costa Rica” thing. The good news is that he is into photography and there are few locations in the world for better picture taking!

So welcome to Nora! She rates her very own category, so for those of you who only want to read her stuff, it will be easy!