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You’ll Probably Find Me at the Mall

November 21st, 2006

I’ve lived in Costa Rica for eight years, and know exactly what I need from the U.S. when I travel back for visits. Tap shoes were high on my list one year. As I first time parent, I figured this is what we do: enroll our daughters in tap classes. I’d bought a pair at a used clothes store in the U.S. for $1 in anticipation that my daughter would want to take tap class. The shoes were too big.

Dance is available widely for kids in Costa Rica. The cost runs, typically, about $40 a month, give or take a few colones. The trick here is finding a class where you can take the child and avoid traffic.

I decided to let my daughter try a class, with the $1 shoes. I didn’t want to buy new ones unless the tap was going to stick. I hauled my daughter class; it was cancelled. The studio used to be on the second floor of a bowling alley (which recently just changed into a department store). So, we sat in the bowling alley, amidst the loud beat of a cheesy Beetles remix music. Coco ate yogurt raisins while I forged a plan.

We went to the mall, which I hate, but I don’t know where else to go when I want to kill time at rush hour before bed. Coco ate French Fries and watched Power Girls cartoons.

“More ketchup Mami,” she said. She adores ketchup. (I’m guessing it’s the sugar.) I felt cheap. I end up going to the mall a lot and don’t like to admit it because, well, it’s the mall. As more and more stores are being built, Costa Rica has more and more products, which means less running around for me. I don’t mind going to San Jose, in fact I used to live there (yes, right downtown). But with kids, it’s not that easy anymore.

As I tore open another little pack of salsa de tomate, I looked across the food court to see a store that may have kids tap shoes. I spent about $20 on a new pair of shoes.

Coco danced all night and wanted to wear the shoes to bed. I even dabbled in a step or two. She never took classes, but she loves to put on the shoes and dance around the house. I decided to wait a few more years to see if she was interested in dance.

And, if you’re looking for me between classes, you’ll probably find me at the mall.

One Response to “You’ll Probably Find Me at the Mall”

  1. Gordon Pappas on May 30, 2008 1:02 am

    Hey All,
    Plan to move to CR within the next 2 years. I am anxiously looking for a friend named Anricque I met in 1995 in Dominical at the spanish school on the beach with Verne and Lucitta. Sorry don’t know his last name, but will provide a reward. We were like brothers, he played guitar and sang at the local spots there. He is now approx 37 yrs of age, he had dark hair, slightly plump, funny, made pan flutes etc. I went by Gordo or Guarri.
    Can anyone please help.