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You Want to Put a Chair on My Back?

February 13th, 2007

As I lay on the bed, careful not to move so I wouldn’t disrupt the eight needles sticking in my chest and legs, my acupuncturist played his flute for the crowd in the waiting room. It had been awhile since I’d been pinned, but with my immune system a wreck and cysts growing on the back of my neck, I decided I better get re-adjusted.

The doctor’s flute playing has improved. The first time he played for me, I was visiting him for an intestinal virus that knocked me down and bowled me over. A few years before, I’d had the same virus and suffered for a week until a conventional doctor found a drug that would work. I wasn’t going through that again, and since I had discovered acupuncture through a problem with my daughter’s teeth, I figured why not?

True, it costs some time and then there is the approximately $20.00 a visit and then there’s the flute playing, but it seems a rational, logical, and simple option to dabble with. And if it works: BRAVO! Problem solved. And if not: the doctors are always ready and willing to dispense the proper drug. So, in my book, why not give it a go.

I’d rather ramble down the road less traveled for a trip of pain relief rather than run right down the highway to the big beast of conventional medicine. – I’m not crazy, I don’ want it to go away. In fact – thank goodness it’s there! My son wouldn’t be alive without it. But I like to save their wisdom for the few and far between.

Last week, I got several massages in my home to help alleviate a pinched nerve in my neck. The woman came right to my home. The cost: $10.00 for each visit. This woman was so considerate and concerned about my neck that alone may have dissipated some of the tension. About half way through the massage, she leaned over and whispered in my ear:

Do you want me to put a chair on your back?

I looked around our cluttered guest room and wondered which chair she wanted to put on my back and how exactly a chair would help in solving my pinched nerve problem.

I repeated the word chair:

A silla? (pronouned seee ya)

She bent over and whispered again:

Arcilla (pronounced ar seee ya)

I thought for awhile….where did I know that word from? Oh yes, I know! It means clay –
she wanted to put a clay wrap on my back. Of course, I said. Clay.

The kink in my neck is gone; my daughter’s teeth are coming along beautifully; even that intestinal virus went away (the next day, and I’m not kidding!); and the little cysts in my neck will most likely dissolve with just a few more melodies on the flute.

2 Responses to “You Want to Put a Chair on My Back?”

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  2. Susan on January 21, 2008 4:00 pm

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