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Then, the Other Car Goes

March 2nd, 2007

So this other car we have, a little French van you can’t get in the States, choked in the middle of driving. The power went out – usually on the freeway. Needless to say, we’ve had it in many, many tallers – garages. No one could find the problem. We lived with the problem on and off for three year. Then, another problem began: it would take about 30 minutes of turning the key before the engine started. Problem was….

who knew? Back in the shop she went. They took this and that apart, and, after six weeks, the dealer determined it was the computer. We called our “back-yard” mechanic and he said: STOP! Don’t do it! Bring it to me or they might kill the whole engine.

However, before we could take it to the mechanic, we drove it for awhile.

It works fine. Perfectly.

We called the shop, where the car sat for six weeks, and asked how much it would cost.


they said.

We couldn’t find anything wrong. So, why would we charge you anything?

Gotta’ love this country.