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NBC Terminates Service to Costa Rica

October 2nd, 2013

sucks1There are a LOT of pretty PO’d people in Costa Rica today.

NBC, for some unknown reason has now removed all programming to Costa Rica. As of yesterday, all cable operators displayed a sign on the NBC channel stating that NBC will no longer be available here. Further, the cable companies are denying requests for a price adjustment. I have been unable to find any reason for this blockage by NBC, but the station is popular not only with the Costa Ricans, with Ex-Pats living in Costa Rica but also by the many thousands of visitors here from the USA and other countries. I do not care much about the rebate for less cable service, but I am one of the PO’d people that NBC would be so high handed as to do this to so many viewers.

Interested in this topic? Read on…

What to do?  Write to NBC and express yourself.  Post to their Facebook Page and let them know your thoughts or send them a Tweet

$$$ always talks.  If you are upset about this either as a vistor coming to Cost Rica or someone living in CR, contact the big advertisers who support NBC!

The SC Johnson company for instance sells a LOT of products in Costa Rica and the USA.  Their OFF brand of bug spray has a lot of competition so they might not be happy if the tourists or locals switched to another brand.  Same thing with their air fresheners.  Contact Johnson here.

Sprint is another advertiser and below is a list of more.  Yeah, I know I did not put the email or social media links, but all you need do is Google the company name and pull the info off their web sites, then contact them to let them know you are not happy about NBC’s action and you intend to punish them as advertisers.

Finally, sent this Post to anyone who you think can assist.  The direct link to this post is:  http://blog.therealcostarica.com/?p=1801

List of Sponsors of NBC

Walgreens Pharmacy 200 Wilmont Road Gregory D. Deerfield, Illinois 60015

Merck, Inc. One Merck Drive P.O Box 100 Richard T. Clark Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

Allergan, Inc 2525 Dupont Drive David E.I. Pyott Irving, California 92612

General Electric 3135 Easton Turnpike Jeffery Immelt Fairfield, Ct. 06828

Pfizer 235 East 42nd Street Jeffery Kindler New York, New York 10017

The Scotts Co. LLC 14111 Scottslawn Road Jim Hagedorn Marysville, Ohio 43041

Fidelity Investments 82 Devonshire Street Roger Lawson Boston, Mass.02109

Kellogg Company One Kellogg Sq. P.O. Box 3599 David Mackay Battlecreek, Mich. 49016

Foot Solutions Marietta, GA. 30067 ceo@footsolutions.com

Kraft Foods Three Lakes Drive Irene Rosefeld Northfield, Illinois 60093

Transitions Optical 9251 Belcher Road Richard C. Elais Pinellas Park, Fl. 33782

Allstate Insurance 2775 Sanders Road Thomas J. Wilson Northbrook, Illinois 60062

The ServiceMaster Co. 860 Ridge Lake Blvd. J. Patrick Spainhour Memphis, Tn. 38120

Obviously there are others… go after them! Tell ’em you won’t buy their products.

I know, I know… I am tilting at windmills…




3 Responses to “NBC Terminates Service to Costa Rica”

  1. Liz on December 2, 2013 2:11 pm

    Hi, I refer to the Tico Times article article about NBC
    http://www.ticotimes.net/More-news/News-Briefs/NBC-broadcasts-in-Costa-Rica-were-pirated-network-says_Wednesday-October-09-2013 as well as your blog about the PO’d people (of which I am one) and would like to offer an update.

    I just spoke to NBC Miami (where many Latin American stations are beamed from) . They say they are still sending a legitimate signal to Costa Rica and that, if I am not receiving it, I should perhaps contact another provider. They mentioned Dish and Sky but I have not spoken with them yet.

    I am asking anyone with an interest in finding out if this can be restored, or who can still receive NBC to let me know please? Or if there any way to research this further, or to see if there is an update on the Canadian company or comment from the local cable and satellite companies please? So that we NBC fans can have a ray of hope about it coming back? Appreciate it!

  2. Don McCale on January 20, 2016 1:02 pm

    I am planning on moving to C.R. this summer but I am addicted to cable tv. I currently have Direct tv. Who offers the best English speaking cable in C.R.????
    Do they have a website,do they show reruns or current American shows. Thank you in advance for sharing. Don

  3. Don McCale on January 30, 2016 8:25 am

    Wow kind of disappointed that no one reading this great blog would take a minute and answer the question about cable tv. I posted. I thought the readers on here prided themselves with sharing information for the good of all ??????

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