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We now have Hooters in Costa Rica

December 4th, 2005

Well I guess we always had them…. but now… It appears that Costa Rica has truly entered the mainstream with the opening of a Hooters Restaurant near San José. With Walmart coming soon… what else can I say but hurry and visit before we become Miami. Sadly, the one chain I WISH would get here (Home Depot) apparently has no interest in this small country. Sniff.

One Response to “We now have Hooters in Costa Rica”

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    […] As anyone who knows me is likely to verify… I like to eat! Occasionally, you can find a comment someone has made about a restaurant they liked (or hated) in Costa Rica, but until now, there has been no central repository of information, recommendations or general commentary on where to get a good meal in Costa Rica. I am going to TRY to change that! About a week ago, I launched a new web site, Costa Rica Eateries I am happy to state that we have FOURTEEN amateur.. or maybe professional, food critics on board and I hope we can add a ton more. So far, Hooters has been a popular topic, but I am sure that will change a bit in time as the novelty wears off. We also need to see more reviews from the coasts! […]