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Saved by a Knight in Shining Armor

February 1st, 2006

On my second to last day in Monteverde, we took a horseback ride through the country to a coffee plantation in San Luis. Everything was absolutely beautiful! It was so beautiful, in fact, that I got lost while my head was in the clouds.

After marveling at the coffee plants, our group went on a hike through the woods on the plantation. When we were finished, we cut out on to a road which to was lead us to a lovely little house where we were to have lunch. This road was completely surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen, so I walked slowly, all the while looking around taking in everything last beautiful bit. Everything was marvelous, so of course I stopped often to take pictures.

Well, when I looked up from taking my last picture, I suddenly realized I couldn’t see my group anywhere. So I kept on walking down the road, picking up my pace a little bit, hoping to see them around the bend. No such luck. I looked for boot tracks of my companions in the mud, but when I couldn’t see them, I started to get a little worried.

All of a sudden, out comes riding a real live Tico horseman on his shining stallion. He was one of my guides from earlier in the day, and luckily he recognized me. He asked, “Donde va?” or “where are you going?” and I had to admit that I was lost and really didn’t have a clue. He introduced himself as Raul, and swept me up onto his horse with him and returned me safely to my group.

I had walked way past my group, which had turned off without me knowing it. We trotted up to where my group was eating lunch, and of course everyone started cat calling at the silly gringa riding up on horseback. I thanked the gentleman for saving me in my time of need, and sat down to eat another plate of rice and beans.

I now have a home on the web for all my Costa Rica photos. If you’re interested, check them out HERE. I plan to add more as time goes on, so keep checking back for more!