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Death to Rice!

February 9th, 2006

Usually I try to look at the good side of things, but there comes a time when even my high-level of tolerance is breeched. Every day, my family makes me breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At first, this seemed like a premium arrangement, as I never have to do any cooking or cleaning. As it turns out, it´s awful. I would rather cook and clean for 5 people 3 times a day than eat rice one more time.

Before I left the States, everyone told me I´d be eating Gallo Pinto until I left. That is not the case. I´ve only had it twice since I got here, and both times were at my request. Instead of yummy flavorful Gallo Pinto, I get white rice with every meal. This is what I had yesterday, it should offer a good idea of what my usual daily menu is like:

Breakfast (same thing every day):
Strange looking white bread with stranger looking yellow maragerine,
Strange looking white cheese, (it´s actually good, I´m just tired of it)
and an under-ripe orange. (Today, it was a crunchy peach. I´m not exaggering at all, it was crisp)

Sliced hot dog cooked in ketchup, (just to add a side note, the ketchup here is more like sugary paste than ketchup)
White rice with a single slice of red bell pepper,
and cooked plantains. (ok, cooked plantains are really good)

White rice with tuna in it.

Now this is not to say that Costa Rican food is bad. On the contrary, many of my companions daily describe glorious sounding meals. The rest complain that they have to eat Pinto all the time. To this I say, give me Gallo Pinto any day. At least the rice isn´t white!