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Urban Planning – Costa Rica Style

May 12th, 2006

The study by the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) concludes that if the disorderly growth of the Greater San José area continues, “we face contamination on a massive scale and quality of life will become practically unsustainable”.

Well DUH!

Jut kidding…

I say “kidding” not because this article did not appear but because even the dimmest bulb who lives here in the valley has known about this forever!

There has been no urban planning here that anyone knows of with the possible exception of kicking a few vendors off the streets so the tourists are not inconvenienced.

As for dealing with the polluted air and water, not to mention the sewage and waste collection problems (can you say TIBAS?), absolutely nothing. Traffic builds, streets are at time impassable and nobody is doing anything and the air smells like Denver or LA. So much for paradise.

The report goes on to recommend that by 2018 the government should build at least 21 kilometers of new roads to meet the growing number of vehicles. Do you think that might just contribute to the contamination of the air?

Interesting too is that 2018 is about the year the US Social Security system will tank if nothing gets done by OUR useless congress and the endless procession of bozo presidents we have had since Harry Truman… but I digress…..

It (remember, the report?) also states that because of the growth in population, we will need at least 335.000 new homes. Mas ca-ca to be flushed into the already stressed sewage treatment facilities. I bet the folks around Jaco and Manuel Antonio are thrilled.

UCR thinks.. and perhaps with some cause… that anarchy will reign, services will decline and there will be hostilities between the rich and poor.

Imagine criticizing the endless stream of incompetent presidents, congressmen and other pols!

Gee… Sounds just like the USA!

One Response to “Urban Planning – Costa Rica Style”

  1. Wybo on October 25, 2006 3:16 pm

    Interesting article. I am a Dutch urban planner and in search for an internship / workplacement in Costa Rica together with my brother who is a traffic engineer. As I read in your article, a lot of work can, and has to be, done in the Greater San José area. But do you know of any opportunities, in form of companies or governments whom are ‘active’ in this field, who can offer us internships / work placements in order for us to try and make a difference. I know, two Dutchies can’t make thát much of a difference, but any effort is á effort, right ?! 🙂

    Anyway, if you know ánything at all, I would be pleased to know about it (contact through email please).

    GreetzZz Wybo