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No Gay Marriages in Costa Rica

May 26th, 2006

Surprise, surprise!

The Costa Rica Constitutional Court (SALA IV), turned the thumbs down on gay marriages in Costa Rica.

Do ya think maybe the fact that by the Catholic Church had anything to do with the results? The Costa Rican constitution makes the Catholic Church the official state religion, and about 80% or more of the country is Catholic. Obviously, this came as no surprise to anyone considering the Church’s stance on the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

Interestingly though, there does not appear to be a strong “street bias” against gays. One of my companies has a fairly large gay clientele and in three years I have never heard of an unpleasant incident. My wife is Tica and I have never heard one negative word from any of our Tico friends nor from her family… though occasionally I have heard resistance to the “marriage word”. Further, there is a large and fairly well known gay population and a number of quite excellent hotels and resorts that cater to gay travelers.

With that in mind, I would think that someday soon, laws permitting some form of civil union will be sent to the legislature. I hope that passes. It seems a ton of people have far less objection to the use of the words “civil union or similar) than to the word marriage. Quien sabe! It might stand a chance. To ME, it is just silly that there is always such a fight just to grant common rights (insurance, death benefits, etc) to ANY group of people.

4 Responses to “No Gay Marriages in Costa Rica”

  1. Colinsito on May 28, 2006 12:47 am

    Thanks Tim. I am a Canadian guy and having moved here to be with my Tico partner has been an amazing experience. But not being allowed to stay here as a recognized couple even though we have been together coming up 5 years is dissapointing.

    Even though I am gay, I never did support the idea of gay marriage. I always felt it was about getting straight societies approval since married people seem so higher up the food chain than confirmed batchelors and spinsters. But being denied access to simple things that everyone else takes for granted makes me realize how important it is.

    Love your blog.

  2. Robert on July 8, 2007 7:13 am

    I appreciate your comments about whats going on regarding Gay Partners. I would like to find out possibilities of me and my partner, who is Philippino, comming to live in CR. I have seen on national news recently that CR is considering gay partnerships.

    Would you care to comment on the possiblility of us comming there to live and what the requirements are, or someone who could advise

    Thaks; Robert

  3. Tim on July 8, 2007 3:03 pm

    The asemblea (congress)of Costa Rica has been presented a number of proposals allowing some form of formalization of gay/lesbian relations.

    None have come close to passing and IMHO none ever will.

    The Catholic religion is the official state religion and they will NEVER give their approval for this.

    Opposite of the USA, church and state are ONE here and this is covered quite clearly in their constitution.

    As for living here, you and your partner would be welcome, but both of you would be subject to all the same residency rules as an unmarried hetero couple.

    These are covered thoroughly in the web site.

  4. wayne on September 27, 2007 7:23 pm

    Accidentally found you website while looking for a book to read about the Vietnam War????????. Very informative and useful website. Regarding above Tims comment that in U S, church and state are separate, try to get elected in U. S. to something if you profess atheism! The fact that prostitution is legal in Costa Rica may convey the population is more “live and let live” which is good for everyone.