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Basset Hounds Get Frequent Flyer Miles

September 26th, 2006

We have been back from California for awhile. Before we left for our trip, I made a list of what we had to start doing. I used the Real Costa Rica suggested list that Tim has online, and edited it to fit our situation. I refer to it simply as The List, many times accompanied with a descriptive expletive, and it is taking on epic proportions. I can’t imagine trying to do this move without it, though. I am feeling overwhelmed today by all we still have to do.

In addition to The List, we have also started saying good bye. The first, and by far the hardest, was to my son, Michael. He and his roommate, Kim, came home to pack up the things he wanted to take to California, as well as to decide what he wanted to put in storage and what could be sold or given away. It was a whirlwind week – Kim had never been to Missouri before, so we spent a lot of time doing all the St. Louis touristy things. I can’t believe they got me back up in that darn arch!

Then the time came where they had to leave – and reality hit that it was going to be the last time we saw each other before the move and that it would be his last time in the house before it is sold. It was pretty emotional for me – I thought I “let go” when he started school in California, however, it was even harder for me this time around and I was a basket case the day he left. He did leave me with a classic Michael manuever – while he took what he wanted to have in California with him, he left the rest of his things for me to decide what to do with – stating “You know what I want to keep” : ) I hope I don’t sell or give away something he wants, but I would like to go on record, for the entire Internet to see and for all perpetuity, that he DID have his chance!

The next goodbye was almost as hard – I closed my business. I have been lucky in that I have been able to do what I love – I sell antique jewelry both locally and online. After looking at it from all angles, I could not figure out how I could realistically run the business from Costa Rica. So I closed my showcases, sent an email to my customer list letting them know what I was doing, put a note on my website and sold my remaining inventory this past Sunday. I did not expect that to be as emotional as it was! But at least another item is now crossed off The List. And I am keeping my hand in the field by partnering with a long time dealer on a new website – I will be doing the design and technical end, which I can do from anywhere. I figured it would be smart to keep my name out there – that is probably good advice for anyone making the move – not to totally cut all business ties in the States until you are very, very sure Costa Rica is going to work for you!

One of the biggest stressors in our move is getting the dogs, Hannah and Toby relocated. Our plan is to drive to Houston and fly Continental – they have the best program for transporting animals and we can go non-stop from there to San Jose, minimizing the time they will have to fly. I found out a couple of things I did not know before – even if we have our tickets for a specific flight, we cannot for certain book the dogs on the flight until 3 days before departure. They are too big to fit in the cabin so they will have to fly as cargo and it will depend on how much cargo is on the plane that day.

Because I want to be on the same flight with them, it is going to make our arrival date unknown until three days before. Toss in juggling the health certificates to keep in the time frame needed for entry in San Jose, not to mention trying to do it all in a strange city – well, I am more than a little freaked out. Then there is the thought of them actually flying. They are quite verbal and I worry they will howl their distinctive, mournful, LOUD Basset Hound howls the whole flight. Does anyone know if you can hear howling dogs in cargo in the cabin? If so, I fear the passengers and crew will revolt, though I guess it is still better than a crying baby. They do get frequent flyer miles, though, which I thought was a pretty cute touch by Continental! How they will fare once we are actually in Costa Rica is a whole ‘nother stress I will save for another blog…

One Response to “Basset Hounds Get Frequent Flyer Miles”

  1. Mark Reinhold on October 2, 2006 6:09 pm

    I am thinking Panama now because of their pesionaire status, and am three years off, but reading about all the fun you are having now is really helpful for me to continue to think about what I need to do