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Expat Interviews provides a Window to the World of Expats

October 26th, 2006

Victor Volder lives in the Netherlands. Lizza Capucion lives in the Phillipines and the two of them run an interesting web site, Expat Interviews. They ought to interview themselves so we can all know how they hooked up!

The purpose of the site is to publish interviews they conduct (by email) with expatriates of varying nationalities in locations all over the world. Kind of a cool idea. Now for those of you considering the Grand Adventure, you can get an, albeit modest, taste of what it is like to live on just about any continent.

For now, many countries are not yet represented, but I am sure this will change. Enough are included that you can get an idea of how one compares and contrasts with another. It appears that they started the interviews in Europe first as there are a wide variety of choices and finally discovered there was a second hemisphere… maybe thanks to Lizza!

Some of the interviews are really pretty informative and give some decent insights into expat life in that country. Others are traveloguey, while still others are kinda dumb, but still worth the read. Most are pretty good! None made me want to leave Costa Rica, but did make me think a bit.

I receieved an email from Lizza a few weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in being interviewed. I was, and she promptly emailed an interview form to fill out. The results of my interview can be found here if you are interested.

I see now that they are becoming more pro-active and soliciting interviews from the site. You can just download the interview form and return it. So you expat bloggers, here is a good opportunity to to share your thoughts on your adopted country and get a bit of free press for your blog.