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I’m No Puzzle Master

March 17th, 2007

Sudoku is taking the country by storm. It’s all the rage. I can’t do it.

For Christmas, my husband got a puzzle-a-day pack of Sudoku. He had no interest in it. I latched on to the gift and though I’d finally found the missing piece to my crossword puzzle fix.

And, I’m not that good at crossword puzzles, but once and awhile, they’re fun. I knew one would be available everyday in the daily newspaper. Now, we don’t get a daily English newspaper, and I certainly am not going to attempt a crossword in Spanish.

I sat down, got my pencil and filled in a blank. Then, about fifteen minutes later, I got another square.

Should this take so long?

The children needed me for something, and I came back about an hour later and made another attempt. I filled in a few more blanks, only to find out a I was wrong.

You can’t have two three’s in one line!

So, I ripped off another of day and tried again. Mas o menus – more or less, a repeat occurred.

A young woman comes in on Saturdays to help around the house and with babysitting if I need to run one child to some sort of event. She sat down with one of the puzzles, and about five or ten minutes later, she was finished. She’s 19. I tried a few more times and decided to save myself mounds of frustration and sent the puzzle pack home with the young woman the following Saturday.

A friend showed me a trick with them the other day, and I could see a little better how to approach the patterns. A few old National Enquirers we’d been given were laying around the house. I turned to the Sudoku page and gave it a whirl. I managed a few more squares, but because I keep getting interrupted by small children, I haven’t finished one yet.

As I flipped past the foibles of celebrities – many I have no idea who they are – I found a crossword puzzle. I began filling in squares. With a pen! No, I haven’t finished it yet, but I will.

Say, does anyone know a movie Alan Ladd is famous for?

One Response to “I’m No Puzzle Master”

  1. Mark Stewart on March 18, 2007 8:11 am

    I beleive it is “Shane.” Good luck with the Sodoku.