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It’s Chilly Here

November 12th, 2007

As most know by now, it’s chilly for Costa Rican standards. For the last few nights, I’ve donned my toasty ski pants and two pairs of socks (one of them being wool) while at home. But, I’ve tried to see the good things in through the chill in the air. For one thing, I get to wear those three jackets I brought down with me nine years ago. All my “warmer” clothes are getting a work out, which is a good way to keep away mold. And finally the most important thing of all is: IT’S NOT SNOW OR ICE OR FREEZING RAIN! And odds are, the sun will be out tomorrow.

One Response to “It’s Chilly Here”

  1. Gerard in Central BC on November 21, 2007 1:24 am

    Today is the first day I wore my long underwear. But having to scrap the ice of my car every morning has been occurring for over a week now. Haven’t had to plug the car in yet (try to explain that to a Tico), and the real freeze hasn’t hit yet, nor the snow.
    Ah well, come February,I’ll be joining you in CR and then I can complain like the rest of you down there, when it gets down to 15oC in San Jose, how cold it is, and walk around with a scarf and a toque on my head.
    ┬┐mucho calor,si