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Stand Proud America

July 10th, 2008

Must be just that kind of week!

I received another comment yesterday and again I have decided to reply here as I think more people read the posts than the comments. OK OK… it is sort of another rant and probably should have been posted on July 4th, but here it is. It started out as a simply enough reply… then grew. However as my readers know, at times my self control fails me…which might be why I am not exactly thin!

Ohhh. Haters of the USA or those embarrassed to be an American will probably find this post not to their liking.

Below is a comment sent in yesterday and the stimulous for this reply. If my response might interest you… read on!

I don’t want to come off as a conspiracy theorist, but I do find it to be interesting that this is a problem for you now. My point, a lot of people are disenchanted, to say the least, regarding the current political, economic, etc… here in the US, and are hoping to relocate. Well maybe the powers that be prefer this not to be so easy to do. And therefore prefer not to have someone help make this possible, meaning you. You provide us with the much appreciated, and needed info. Seems as though with the recent CAFTA activity, that Costa Rica wanting to do trade with the US, is going to be pressured to do whatever Uncle Sam asks of them. Remember the disintegration of the middle class, means the corporate big wigs need all the slaves to stay here and consume in order for them to continue to make a profit. Now if we want to live elswhere, we are not here to keep them nice and fat. Ok, after previewing my post, I have to admit I do sound like a nut, or do I? (twilight zone music plays in background).

Yeah… a bit 🙂

But I think you are a little confused… at least about me and my status. My permanent residency renewal is not dictated by the US government and the renewal process seems to be going exactly as it should. I doubt there will be issues, but I thought I’d post my experiences so others could follow along to see how it goes. I expect it to go smoothly.

The USA has serious issues for sure, but to blame the current administration is just naive. The fault lies with every administration and congress for the past 20-30 years that exhibited not one modicum of leadership and a complete failure to deal with unpleasant problems like the current oil crisis, social security and numerous other issues.

The current Democratic congress does nothing… no leadership at all… preferring to blame the woes of the world on Bush.

Bush does nothing to demonstrate his leadership preferring to fall into stupid disagreements with congress about Iraq. The result is that nothing gets done on critical domestic issues. What people seem to forget is that either congress or the administration can take a leadership role and begin an initiative. Neither does and neither has for many, many years, preferring to pander to the George Soros’ of the world and to the other big campaign contributors and lobbyists. Want an example? In almost eight years neither Bush NOR congress has made even the slightest real attempt to ween the populace from being just plain pigs when it comes to using fossil fuels… nor did the administration before that nor the one before that… ad nauseum.

The US has about 4% of the world’s population yet uses 20% of the worlds oil. What is wrong with THAT picture?? Now we are at the mercy of high oil prices as China and other countries bid up the price of oil. Everyone blames big oil but they just don’t get it. Oil is a commodity… nothing more. Simple supply and demand. We now buy a ton of oil from the Saudis who then use their profits to fund terrorism and anti-American activities. Really intelligent! I like to think that every time you fill up, you are paying a nice little terrorist tax. We buy from the Saudis because we cannot seem to develop our own oil supplies or better yet, cut back on the use of oil completely. No leadership… again!

This current scenario was clearly visible decades ago, and MANY people warned that this would come to pass. EVERY administration and congress did NOTHING to keep us from being in this position… and they could have! We could have built refineries, encouraged or even forced the use of alternative fuels… Can’t be done? Pottywash! Take a look at Brazil if you want to see how it could have been done!

Now everyone bitches about the $4.00 per gallon gas prices. How silly. If you live in the Netherlands, you pay $12.00 per gallon. England? $11.00 last time I checked. Costa Rica? Over $6.00 probably starting this week! $4.00 fuel is nothing.

People have to leave the USA every day because they can no longer afford to live in their own country. My sister is in the process of moving here as she is in the same position. She gets a nice social security check and has savings, but is living hand to mouth… no room for anything unexpected and she is scared to death. Now she must leave her country.

She and many others will have no choice… but be aware it is not the rich and famous coming here. The ones with money might buy a vacation OR rental home here, but they have no intentions of moving. The ones that are moving here (not all of course) tend to be the less conspicuous consumers e.g. the middle class. I can promise you that a few tens of thousands of people planning to try ex-pat living and who are not at the top of the spending food chain, will not affect the economy of the USA one iota!

CAFTA is enormously complex and I am sure it will both help and hurt some Costa Ricans. Time will tell. In general, I think it will help more than hurt, and clearly the Costa Rica people agreed as it was they who voted YES to the TLC though admittedly not by a huge margin..

I would urge you not to fall into the trap of thinking that anything done by the USA is automatically bad. Those big (and sometimes small) businesses that everyone loves to hate is why the USA is by far and away the greatest country in the world. They were and are the engine. People forget, in the face of the all the recent anti-American press, just how wonderful IS the USA.

I believe the USA has serious issues and is broken. I believe we have wandered away from the basics that made us great. I also believe that it can be fixed, but not with the current lack of leadership in the congress and the white house. Nobody wants to rock the boat, and for sure, the boat needs some serious rocking.

The person who seems to be the forerunner in the US elections has 143 days of experience in the senate and it seems likely he will be soon be in the most important post in the world. To ME this is incredible! Talks nice though. He is, however, sadly lacking in experience and woefully ignorant of world affairs… but there you have it. The system continues.

We elect people simply not up for the job or simply not qualified. Many of those who could do the job want nothing to do with politics. Go figure! Obama will be surrounded/supported by a completely useless democratic congress that has already demonstrated that it is incapable of doing anything positive on behalf of the people they represent, and like all the congresses before, is totally lacking the leadership to make tough and unpopular decisions to save our country. They are far more interested in kowtowing to their monied supporters than in doing what is necessary to save our country.

The once honorable press distorts or fails to report the news unless it serves their own interest. They feed a never ending stream of untruths and encourage Americans to hate their own country. I mean can you IMAGINE actually working for The New York Times or CNN?? How embarrassing! How can they face their children at night?

I do not have a solution. I’d like to see people elected who care about the USA and will take strong and decisive action to lead and protect the USA. Ain’t gonna happen this election year I fear, and soon, I think the USA will soon become vulnerable once again to terrorism and attack as Obama tries cut the military and to placate an armed force whose only interest is the total destruction of the United States.

In summary, I love the USA and I am very proud if its accomplishments and forgiving of its failures.

Every once in a while I like to listen to a broadcast from back in 1973. Thirty five years have passed, but listening to and reading it still makes me want to just stand up and cheer. Thanks to our press and the naysayers, we can easily forget just how great is our country.

Thirty five years have passed, but the intelligent reader/listener will still see amazing similarities to our world today. Listen, read and think.

To read and listen to this broadcast and learn the background, click here … or you can just listen here to the The Americans

I listen to it a couple of time a year. Every time I do, it make me feel very proud to be American with all the good and bad that comes it.

For sure we are not perfect. We stumble and fall… but wow. What an honor to be called American.

Stand Proud America

19 Responses to “Stand Proud America”

  1. Dark on July 11, 2008 10:58 am

    Wow! I must say. Your comment is an epitome of someone enjoying the freedomn of speech nowhere in the world you can find but only in the United States of America. I surely hope for the many to come accross the real costa rica blog and be enlightened by the very truth of your statements about the current governance and politics in the US and the proliferation of “trash” journalism. I certainly hope that before anyone pull the “D” lever inside the voting booth in every polling place common sense within the individual prevails.

    More power to you and this blog……

  2. Lydia on July 17, 2008 4:48 pm