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Hungry? Hate Traffic? Try Uber Eats Costa Rica

July 9th, 2018

A few weeks ago I decided to give a try to Uber Eats.  This is an offshoot of Uber, the ride sharing folks that I use often for convenience, security, pricing, and pleasant drivers!

Uber Eats will pick up your food from  a ton of restaurants and deliver them directly to your door (or your car or ????) for about $2.25. However if you use the code at the end of this post, your first order is free.

To use them, it is best to download their Uber Eats app from the App Store or from the Play Store. Signup and login are pretty simple and once done you will be presented with a long list of dining options, sorted by type of food.

Interested?  Read on….

The menu system is organized by type of food. A few options are:   Breakfast/Brunch, Chinese, Fast Food, Mexican, Italian, Vietnamese, Fish, Sushi, Pizza, and a ton of others.

Choose one of those and you get restaurants that offer that type of food. From there, check out the menu and pricing.

I like Indian food, so my first foray into Uber Eating was with a restaurant I know well,  Naans y Curries Indian Food.  I ordered a couple of dishes, Butter Chicken and a Curried chicken thing with coconut.

The process is simple!

1. Choose type of food you like.

2. Check out the restaurants offering that kind of food.

3. Review the menu for that restaurant.

4. Order (you use the same credit card as for Uber). Many have options such as size, seasonings. Order burritos from MacDonalds and you can specify double sausage!

5 Sit back and wait for delivery.  No tipping.


I forgot that Naans y Curries was on Lindora at Momentum. It’s 5:30 PM.  Traffic?  Always terrible.  But… They say 35 minutes???  No way!

However, you can even track the delivery person as he makes his way to your home! Delivery?  I’m thinking maybe 10 PM?  I was to learn something!  I HATE motorcycles in Costa Rica… EXCEPT when they are delivering food to me in traffic and that is what Uber delivery drivers use!  Motos or bicycles!!  For them, traffic does not exist.

*** Darned if that order did not arrive 1 minute early!

Another of the benefits of Uber Eats, besides not dealing with the traffic, is that we can try new foods!  We tried some Vietnamese food that was pretty good! We may go visit that restaurant!

As promised, here is a promo code that you can use to get free delivery.  If you use it, delivery is free and I get a freebie too:



Enter where it says promo code.




3 Responses to “Hungry? Hate Traffic? Try Uber Eats Costa Rica”

  1. Reece Middleton on November 26, 2018 6:14 am

    Seems like great service

  2. Felipe Perez on April 17, 2019 7:21 pm

    Uber eats in costa rica has a BIG problem with there GPS location where you are at. In there gps map (blue dot) it shows where I’m at but once a driver picks up the order the little Box shows my location off by 200 meters on the main read. I always have to text the driver’s asking them to give me there phone number plus ask them if they have whatsup app installed on there device so I can send them the gps location plus a picture off googgle map. The does not allow you to enter more information of how to get to your location. Plus where it says enter address something else pops up. To tonight the uber customer service rep called me telling me next to to enter the address told her that her companys app sucks and told her every time I have to send a text message and use WhatsApp and told GOOD you’re recodering this good I hope the idiots at uber eats hear the message and fixs the problem I felt like calling my bank and blocking them from getting PAID. also some drivers feel like they are going to be driving more then 500 miles to drop the food since its only 200 meters more they are going to DIE for going a little farther not thinkin that I’ll be giving them a little extra. fOOLS

  3. Lauren Poole on April 17, 2020 12:39 pm

    I always have to text the driver’s asking them to give me there phone number plus ask them if they have whatsaap app installed on there device so I can send them the gps location plus a picture off google map, after this it could be easy to manager Uber rider to reach the location.

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