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Comments! How to make ’em and the rules.

June 6th, 2010

I get a fair number of emails asking me more or less the same question:  “I made a comment and it is not showing up!  Where is it?”

OK… I know most folks do not need to be told this, but here are the rules about making a comment at the end of a post.

  1. First?  Comments are just that!  They are an “observation or remark expressing an opinion or attitude <critical comments> also: a judgment expressed indirectly”.This means that you are welcome to offer your opinion on any of my posts, good or bad, OR you may comment on a comment made by another person.
  2. This is NOT a forum nor a user group, so please do not ask questions except to clarify something I wrote. If you want good forums/user groups, click here.  Do not ask the price of coke, the best place to live, etc. Those “comments” will never see the light of day.
  3. I will not allow comments that give or further incorrect information. That is not to say I am never wrong, so if you point out an error, I will publish your comment and correct the post.
  4. If you even remotely promote or advertise anything in a comment, it will be deleted and you will lose all comment privileges until the year 2056.
  5. Use no language that would offend a person of reasonable sensibilities over the age of 50.
  6. Do not ask me to link to your web site or blog.  I do not do links, but I may add you to the blogroll, so contact me offline or via email.
  7. No travel advice will be given.
  8. Do not use comments to ask legal or residency questions.  Residency is covered in the web site and I am not a lawyer.
  9. Any comment must be relevant to the post where you are making the comment!!
  10. The email address that you enter  use must be a valid and working email address capable of receiving a test email from me.


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