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The Real Costa Rica Tour

June 10th, 2016

June, 2017

Because of the many complex and serious issues in the world and especially in the United States, more and more people are considering the idea of living in another country and  are considering Costa Rica.

The social, economic and political changes beginning around 2008 and continuing in 2017 are affecting the people of many countries not the least  from the United States. I moved to Costa Rica about 16 years ago but I read, speak with and trade emails with so many folks.  I hear this:

Between the economy and dwindling savings and retirement accounts, many folks are being forced to re-evaluate their retirement plans.

Layoffs are still fairly common, and for those over age 50, a layoff can be a disaster.

There have been a number of terrorist attacks on US soil over the past few years (excluding 9/11 of course), though for some reason, they are sometimes not called terrorist attacks.

The national debt for the USA is now an enormous 19 TRILLION dollars. This has grown from about 10.5 trillion since 2008 and is expected to exceed 2o trillion dollars by the end of 2016. If you wish to monitor this in real time, Click Here.  Scary!

Therefore, when I hear this time and again from clients and via email,  “We cannot afford to retire in the USA, neither of us really want to (or perhaps can not) continue working past age 65”.

I believe it!  Further, their future fixed incomes will be diminished by inflation.

I believe these are valid concerns.  The cost alone of managing the huge national debt will most certainly result in a higher inflation rate which will affect everyone but probably most those on fixed incomes.  Read that as older persons and those on social security or disability.

For a long time, people have asked me if I would be available to spend a day or two exclusively with them and give them their own custom Costa Rica teaching tour. I began doing this on a very limited basis about 8 years ago, but now the inquiries have begun to arrive almost daily, and it is clear that people want to get the REAL story on Costa Rica. Moving here can be expensive not only in terms of money but also “emotional capital” and time spent. Failure makes a bad situation even worse.

Other tours (currently there are maybe 2 or 3) seem to concentrate directly or indirectly on real estate sales or project development even though they claim to be “Retirement Tours” or  “Relocation Tours”. This is often just not the case. Nearly all show and/or sell property or are connected directly with those who do by providing introductions during their tours to developers or realtors .

Is that bad?  Certainly not.  However, while those types of real estate tours certainly have a their place, more and more people realize that buying property before they know Costa Rica and whether they want or will even like the country is very premature.

The time to consider real estate is AFTER you have lived here and know with near 100% certainty that Costa Rica is for you.

More importantly…  a person  selling real estate (or any product for that matter) or potentially receiving a commission for facilitating a future real estate sale, is almost certainly not going to say anything negative that will make you not want to live here. Politician call this “spinning”…  However, it is exactly those negatives you MUST know if you are to understand life and living here. For an international move, you just have to have the correct information, good and not so good. It will increase vastly your chances of making a successful transition.

Currently,  about 45 – 66% of those moving here leave Costa Rica in the first year ot two, so buying property in Costa Rica before you are sure that you want to live here is just a really bad idea.

Are my tours negative about living in Costa Rica? Not at all! I love living here…  the larger and far more important question is, “Will you?”.

I spend our time together teaching you what your daily life will be like… good and bad. Why? It is my opinion that one of the big reasons people do not adjust to Costa Rica is that they have no idea what is coming. Some surprises are nice. Others less so. I deal in facts, and I never try to sell Costa Rica.

I do not book your hotel rooms during your tour for a commission. I won’t even tell you my dentist’s name until after you live here.

I sell no real estate and will not show you homes. I make no introductions to realtors or to developers.

I do discuss and sometimes visit a few areas that meet your financial requirements and I comment on security, population mix, infrastructure, proximity to health care,  etc. and I teach you what to look for in good neighborhoods. Meanwhile, you are learning about the REAL Costa Rica every minute we are together.

If you like the tone and content of The Real Costa Rica web site and BLOG, and you want to make intelligent decisions on this life changing move, then you may find spending personal time with me to be beneficial.

However, if all you want is to pay to see some homes or spend 2-3 days hearing how perfect is Costa Rica, then you probably will not much enjoy my tour. My tour is like my web site. I tell you exactly what you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

Things to consider:

  • I own three successful companies here in Costa Rica. These tours are not a business for me. I do them because I truly want people who are considering a move to Costa Rica to maximize their chances for success. An international move is a daunting, expensive and time consuming endeavor, and you need to know what is coming your way before you begin the process.
  • You tour with me personally. There is no group. You get 100% of my time during the tour whether for one, two, or three days. This is better, I have been told, as many folks do not care to share their personal lives or needs with 8-12 strangers. Often they want to discuss things of a somewhat private nature.
  • We cover the realities of living here… everything from the banking system, health care (public and private), crime and personal security, where to live, shopping, technology (Internet, etc), residency options… and even to hiring a maid! In other words, the works.

Below are two videos filmed by one of my tour customers, Andy Brown and his wife Fran. Their story is sadly becoming more and more common. Watch and enjoy.  Andy is an accomplished video editor/producer.

In this first video, Fran and Andy discuss why the have to consider a move to Costa Rica.

In this second video, Andy discusses their what they decided were their priorities and discusses the time they spent with me.

Andy and Fran did in fact move to Costa Rica and lived here for about 7-8 years then needed to return to the USA because of some health issues they were unable to resolve here.  Not common at all, but they enjoyed greatly their time here because they were prepared.


If so, please contact me regarding tours only at ticograndetours@gmail.com   I seldom check the comments so email is more efficient. In fact I will probably close comments because email is much better and faster.

Thank you!

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