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More Questions from Readers

April 3rd, 2007

I need to apologize. I have not been able to Post here nearly as often as I would like. I am just buried in work, and sadly, income still must proceed pleasure… even in Costa Rica. The main site, The Real Costa Rica, is now up to about 25,000 new visitors each month, and between that and the Guestbook, I am just getting buried in emails as well. So once again, here are some of my replies to those emails.

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That’s What It’s All About

April 3rd, 2007

It’s not raining at my house. Thus…it is hot!

Everywhere I go, there is rain. And, I love the rain! But, we still have the winds, which are incredibly annoying, and constipated rain clouds that hover over the house in the afternoon.

As I drove home the other day, each town I went through was being soaked in rain. It was gorgeous and smelled like life starting all fresh and shiny and new. I could see our neighborhood ahead, and sure enough, Continue reading »

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