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New Writers to Join Costa Rica Blog

January 6th, 2006

This blog is about to get some new talent.

After posting my Help Wanted Ad, I received eleven emails from people expressing an interest in writing for this blog.

So far I have accepted two of the applications, and I’ll prbably add a third as soon as we can chat a bit. All are from people who I believe will add perspective and opinions about their Costa Rica experiences. I am still accepting applications!
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Festivals, Bullfighting and stuff

January 6th, 2006

This Post was originally in my personal blog, and is re-published here as I received a bunch of emails telling me readers here might find it interesting.

In teaching my son’s Costa Rican girlfriend how to prepare a Christmas turkey (with sage and onion dressing!) and how terribly important it is to use care in the preparation of these foods and to be especially careful of things like botulism, salmonella, athlete’s foot, and Chlamydia, I managed to poison myself (food wise) which is why I have not been writing. The good thing is that they have TV in hospitals, the IV thingy is pretty portable, and you can watch the bullfights between the bouts vomiting and diarrhea!
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