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Pothole to Remember

June 13th, 2006

PotholeCosta Rica is famous for its terrible roads and while the roads in and around San Jose are certainly not great, the real problems are on the coasts.

However, there IS humor in almost everything, and anyone who has had the pleasure of dealing with the thoughtful and always courteous taxistas in San Jose may well feel an upswell of emotion in this photo!

Photo copyright La Nacion

Visit the new Real Costa Rica

June 10th, 2006

RCRI am not sure what on earth possessed me to do an entire re-write of The Real Costa Rica, but I did and it is now online for your viewing pleasure or displeasure. The most obvious thing you will notice is the new color scheme and menu system. There are also a lot of new pages, new pictures, about 500 new links… ugh. I still have to install the new search engine though the olde one seems to be working perfectly. Go figure!

Thanks to those who tested the site. Reading the same old pages for errors is booooring, but you really helped!

Anyway… here it is: The REAL Costa Rica


Residency Scams

June 1st, 2006

scammerJust like real estate reps, anyone can hang out their shingle and say they are residency experts. Now come the scams as the number of persons coming to Costa Rica increases. Immigration officials, tired of the recurring problem, have filed complaints with the prosecutor’s offices specifying cases where expats who live in Costa Rica have been swindled.

One U.S. expatriate was jailed for a brief time when Immigration inspectors discovered that his documents were forgeries. The guy said he had paid a man he thought was a lawyer to obtain residency for him several years ago. He has filed his case and was awaiting a decision by Sala IV (the Costa Rica constitutional court) to determine if he would be allowed to remain in the country.

As I have warned many, do NOT shop for the best deal in residency. It is a silly as shopping for discount brain surgery. Use well known and well established residency experts and check out the local users groups for information before you spend a dime.

The Bri Bri

May 28th, 2006

EyesFellow blogger Colin recently made a comment on my post about gay marriage in Costa Rica, and thanks to THAT, I now remember that I wanted to provide a link to his blog and more specifically, his photos about the Bri-Bri Indians who live near him.

Colin lives in Puerto Viejo on the Carribean side of Costa Rica, the side that has thankfully been ignored by tourists. I say that as the Carribean side is delicious! It is almost like a different country. Everything is different and beautiful; oceans, jungles, roads, folliage, the people… the works. Of course once the tourists discover it, it’s all over.

Colin’s blog includes some beautiful photos of the Bri Bri indians of that area, and those of you interested in some fine photography might like to stop by his blog for a visit.

The Bri Bri live in fairly poor conditions, and the area is sadly in lack of simple medical and dental health treatment. ARCR is now sponsoring trips to provide medical support and other assistance. Contact Ryan Piercy at rpiercy@casacanada.net for more info.

No Gay Marriages in Costa Rica

May 26th, 2006

Surprise, surprise!

The Costa Rica Constitutional Court (SALA IV), turned the thumbs down on gay marriages in Costa Rica.

Do ya think maybe the fact that by the Catholic Church had anything to do with the results? The Costa Rican constitution makes the Catholic Church the official state religion, and about 80% or more of the country is Catholic. Obviously, this came as no surprise to anyone considering the Church’s stance on the gay and lesbian lifestyle.

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Trading Spaces!

May 24th, 2006

The Real Costa Rica has a Guestbook, and one reader just added a VERY interesting entry! She must have actually read my constant rantings, either here, in the RCR, or maybe in the ARCR Forums, as she wants to visit Costa Rica in August (considering a move permanently) and asked me if I knew anyone interested in trading homes for that period. I had two immediate thoughts: Continue reading »

The REAL Costa Rica (redux)

May 23rd, 2006

Every since I published the Real Costa Rica web site, I have received a zillion emails and comments in the Guestbook. Most are complimentary and a few are from people who have really dug into the RCR and found errors (precious few!), typos (a LOT) and have made suggestions on how to better the web site.

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A Rebuttal to Michael

May 21st, 2006

I was kinda wondering why nobody jumped all over Michael for his recent post on how bad is Costa Rica. Now, fellow blogger Erin has snatched up the gauntlet. Her response actually appeared in the comments area, but I wanted to make sure folks actually saw her words.

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Dengue Threat and other Stuff for Travelers

May 20th, 2006

I have written before about Dengue Fever as something many travel agents fail to tell their Costa Rica bound clients, so I will mention here that if you are Costa Rica bound, especially during the rainy season (now through November), bring the Off or another bug repellent.

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Immigration Gets Two New Bosses

May 19th, 2006

Immigration department got two new bosses yesterday. Mario Zamora Cordero (36) is the new Director and Xinia María Sossa Siles (32) is the sub-Director. Both are lawyers.

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